Police Officer Recruitment - Transfer of SEARCH Assessment Centre Pass Marks

Police Officer Roles

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Student Officer Recruitment - Transfer of Police SEARCH Assessment Centre Pass Marks

Leicestershire Police are accepting the transfer of Police SEARCH Assessment Centre results.

The criteria for transferring your results is:
• You must have attended a Police SEARCH Assessment Centre with another Home Office Force and sat your assessment centre within the last 12 months from the date of submission of your application. You will need to provide proof of your score (either confirmation from another force or College of Policing) and submit with your online application form.
• Your pass at assessment centre must be with an overall score of 50% or above. Please note that all minimum scores must also have been achieved.
• You must hold a Level 3 Qualification or equivalent. (Please check with your examining body if you are unsure of the level of qualification you hold. We will need to see original certificates later in the recruitment process).
• You must have been a UK resident for the last three years and be a UK, EU or commonwealth citizen, with no restrictions on your stay in the UK.
• You must hold a Full UK Manual Driving Licence.
• You must not have any tattoos on your face, neck or hands which could cause offense. The nature The nature, location, size, prominence and appearance of tattoos will be considered
• Not have any serious convictions or recent cautions, bind-overs or findings of guilt.
• Not have any current County Court Judgements (CCJ) against you or be the subject of an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA). If you have been registered bankrupt you may only apply if it is at least three years since the date your debts were discharged

Applicants transferring scores should be aware of the following:
• If you are transferring your assessment centre score you will be required to attend and pass the force interview.
• The national recruitment process does not allow applicants to take more than one SEARCH assessment Centre in any six month period.
• The transfer of scores can still apply if your application is in process with another force. However, in order to transfer your score to this process you must withdraw your application from the previous force.

If your transfer pass mark is accepted you will be required to undertake the Force interview prior to moving to the next stage of recruitment.

We have a number of cohorts planned for 2019/20 and envisage that if you are successful you will commence in either January or February 2020. Please note, if you are unable to commit to these dates, unfortunately we will not be able to progress your application further. Please note that annual leave cannot be authorised during the first 17 weeks of training.

Any requests for annual leave after this period will be considered in line with the training time table and this will be limited to ensure the training needs are met.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email HRR@derbyshire.pnn.police.uk

Closing date for receipt of transfer pass marks is 31st March 2019.