Digital Content Editor

Force Headquarters
Corporate Services

£20874 - £26535

Full Time
Suitable for Job Share, Flexi-time, Part Time
Fixed Term
12 months
The ‘Digital Content Editor’ role fits within Derbyshire Constabulary’s Digital Media Team, who have
the responsibility of setting the digital communications agenda for the force.

The team, part of the wider Corporate Communications section, is responsible for producing
content across a wide variety of mediums for the force’s internal and external websites, as well as
maintaining and administering the systems and processes behind them. In addition, the team
organises, monitors and publishes to the force’s social media channels as well as providing other
digital-based services to the force.

The Digital Content Editor role is centred on supporting the Digital Media Team during a period of
transition, as it migrates to a new intranet system.

This migration period requires talented content producers and editors to not only transition old
content into a new form factor, but also generating new content from scratch from varied and
disparate sources. This is done with a focus on shaping the content for web audiences and
leveraging the features and functions a modern intranet can provide.

It also touches on user experience aspects, collating information relating to user preferences and
good design principles when deciding on template and content layout, as well as navigation.

The role suits someone with not just good written communication, but also strong verbal
communication as the person will be involved with training users - of all abilities - to operate the
new content management system.

This role may also see the post holder assist with writing content for public audiences on the force’s
external website

This opportunity is closed to applications.