Dog section trainer

Operational Policing
Operational Support

£23346 - £29307

Full Time
Please note that previous applicants need not apply

Please review the job description to ensure you meet the essential and desirable criteria before applying.

The core roles of the Trainer will be required to train all disciplines of Police Dog Skills;
this will include General Purpose Dog skills with an emphasis on specialist search in new and developing areas for example forensic, this will entail keeping accurate records and providing constructive feedback to police officers.
The successful applicant will be responsible for succession dog planning and planning of various courses throughout the calendar year.
Candidates will take dogs home which will include novice dogs and exercise/train them, including on rest days, for which they will receive a Dog handler’s allowance. A double kennel with run will
be supplied for use at home and the use of an unmarked police vehicle for transport of dogs which
will be kept at home. Therefore all applicants must discuss this role with their family as it will have a massive impact on family and home life.
The shifts worked are predominately Monday to Friday with weekends off. There will be some late shifts worked in order to train Dogs during the hours of darkness.
It is expected that the applicant will be able to demonstrate constantly evolving and new ways of training dogs.
To uphold the Force’s principles of Doing the right thing, making a difference and shaping the Future.

This opportunity is closed to applications.