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Special Constable

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Suitable for Job Share, Part Time

Becoming a Special Constable gives you the chance to work alongside regular police officers, bring skills and experiences from your day job and give something back to your local community. 

Leicestershire Police Specials are volunteer Police Officers with the same powers as regular officers and typically spend around four hours a week, or more, working alongside and supporting regular officers to play a pivotal role in helping police Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

As a special, the demands are ever changing, and the role is just as much about supporting victims, providing reassurance and building relationships as it is about flashing lights and handcuffs. You could make a valuable contribution to your community, while also developing your skills and learning to think on your feet.

If you’re looking for an exciting new challenge and a unique volunteering experience, look no further.

The recruitment process will consist of:

  • National Sift
  • Application Form
  • Assessment Centre
  • Pre-employment Check

If successful, your anticipated start date will be May 2023. Training will last for 5 months and will cover weekends and a number of evenings throughout this period. If you are unable to commit to the training timetable or start date, please set up job alerts for the next campaign, expected to go live in August 2023.

Please look at our website for more details including, eligibility criteria and FAQs here.

Best of luck with your application!